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Hackday 2010 will take place on 20th November, 2010, and will once again be hosted at the Shadowcat Systems offices in Lancaster. It will probably run from 10am-5pm, with drinks and food afterwards (full details of schedule will be posted nearer the time!)

There'll be fun and tasks for developers, sysadmins and non-technicals.

If you can't make it in person, you can also attend remotely on irc.perl.org #northwestengland.pm

We discussed and voted on the following proposals in Manchester at the September techmeet

We eventually decided to:

  • Not aim so low (i.e. do even more than one thing)
  • Adopt Projects/Oyster as the main hackday project
  • Continue to hack on Projects/Ironman where possible
  • Run Hack Day Inna Box as a mini-project, and as the test-app for Oyster
  • Challenge other groups to triage Perl 5 bugs
  • Work on Projects/PresentingPerl too!

Writeups of the voting:

Writeups of the day istself:

Other resources:

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