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This wiki is for the North West England Perl Mongers and others associated with their aims in the wider community (partners in crime muhahahaha), please log in to edit and add to the pages here.

Due to a high number of attacks on this site we now require for all editing you to login/register, confirm an email address as valid and then inform mdk/idn via email or on irc in on - state your wiki username for us to add you to the editing groups.

Thanks for your patience, we apologise for the draconian measures.


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  • Projects/Oyster
    • 2010 Hackday Project. Hackday to be held on Saturday 20th November, Shadowcat offices, Lancaster


The Venues page lists the favourite haunts used by NWE Perl Mongers


Notes on Admin/MeetingAnnouncements and organisation.


Hackday 3-12-11: What we got done today


Getting started

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