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Items on the Roadmap are intended to work as a features wish list and a location for future development discussions. Please use appropriate headings!

Management Interface

Web-based management interface with an authentication for usage. Levels of access to be Admin at the initial stage with further levels of access as features are added

  • Log In and authentication
  • View recent uploaded videos
  • Change the bucket/video name if not appropriate
  • run importer script
  • ACT linking - at some point a script to automatically do this should be created for potential full integration with ACT. At this time manual insertion of the links and this tool on the management interface will suffice.
  • HTML:
    • view custom HTML
    • edit custom HTML
    • approve custom HTML
      • This would automatically insert the Custom HTML into the appropriate location on the correct video page
  • Change licence

HTML/Media Integration

The intention for PP is to have all the potential media associated with a presentation available from the one location. For this reason we must have several things:

  • Ability for the author/presenter to claim a presentation
  • a custom form for them to post HTML on the presentation page
  • a switch for them to choose the licence (Creative Commons etc.)
    • On choosing the Licence the appropriate wording/logo must be changed to reflect this
  • a feedback box

Main Site Layout and Features

  • Show latest/3 most recent videos on the main page at the top. Allows random site browsing.
  • Add HTML form for ownership/licence and custom HTML to all video pages
  • Link to the management interface
  • Link to login when we include that as part of the Management interface
  • Add social media buttons to the video pages so that people can link them quickly
  • ACT integration should allow us to either scrape, pull (and eventually push data of video location) between PP and the ACT system so that all conferences would have links and the videos would have automatic ACT integration and description. Therefore before we have integration we must:
    • Create ACT links
    • Scrape Information/description
    • Mail/inform conference admins of the video links
  • HTML5 video
    • Everything needs encoding as MP4 + H.264 and WebM + VP8 (plus Ogg + Theora would be nice, though dying format)
    • purge has branch running videojs
  • Thumbnails for list view.
  • Ratings?
  • Comments?
  • CPAN module links
  • Slideshare (or other) panel next to video
  • Search (I want to see all presentations about Moose for example)
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