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The tasks on this page are divided by immediacy with level one tasks being the most important. Please feel free to add to/edit the position if you are a developer to the project. For all further information contact mdk or mst on or m.keating/m.trout (at)


New Tasks

  • This is from Mark's Presentation at on Thursday 28th June 2012

The Road Ahead

  • Preliminary: Back Up Current Site and Have Standby Plan

One: Management

  • Have User Levels. Admin - Uploader - Author
    • Features below should indicate the minimum level
    • Admin wil be site admins and able to do everything
    • Author - this allows the original presenter to claim their page and customise it
    • Uploader - allows a user to upload videos and rename etc., may not long term like the author/admin
  • Roll out Interface
    • Roll out the current interface that Castaway has created
  • Allow Web Uploads
    • Uploader
  • Manage Renaming Files and Rollouts
    • Admin
  • Manage Owning and Claiming Authorship
    • Author
  • Add Custom HTML
    • Author
  • Edit HTML
    • Author

Delete Custom HTML

    • Admin
  • Add Tags and Have Themes to Further Organise Videos
    • Uploader
  • Change the Licence
    • Author
  • Manage Social Media Elements
    • Author
  • Select Advertising Preferences
    • Author
  • Manage Advertising
    • Admin
  • Allow Act Integration of Presentation Text and Tags
    • Uploader
  • Allow Non-Video (Audio etc.) uploads

Two: The Video Pages

  • Allow Embedding from Other Sites such as You Tube
  • Have Social Media Buttons
  • Have a Custom HTML Area
  • Have a Breadcrumb (Pebble) Trail
  • Allow Advertising - Author Preference
  • Have Links - Look at Design
  • Have Attribution from Sources for Each Video (Let’s Thank People)
  • Display the Act Information with Integrated Tags
  • Show Tags and Theme on the Video Page
  • Show Three Random, and Three Latest Videos on the Front Page
  • Show Tags and Themes as well as Buckets as Options for Searching and Viewing Videos On the Front Page
  • So...Show results in a Search Page - with options to search similar videos by Conference Bucket, Theme or Tag

Three: The Wider World

  • RSS Feeds for the Site
  • Auto Tweet New Videos Add # tags based on Tags
  • Auto Add News Brief using tags and data to Google+ and Facebook etc.

Stuff below will be deprecated/incorporated into going forward plan

Stuff You Will Need

  • Access to the actual content / site of (missing!)
This is hosted on dreamost (sarajevo) under /home/pp1okay/

Either git master or last cpan release of those should work. Quite possibly not both for any given thing; I'll be beating and shipping things for the sake of your sanity once I get in.

May turn out to be easiest to just rsync the deployment down from

Level One

  • New videos need importing and script running on them
  * Done: yapc-eu-2010, yapc-na-2010, manchester-. portugese-
  • Apply the new style sheets created in August
  * Done, now running off the squeeks-design branch of ranguards github repo
  • re-integrate Google Analytics
  * Done (added to layout.html in repo, and applied to existing pages via)
   perl -pi'.bak' -e'open $fh, "<", "google_code.txt" or die "$!"; my @ga = <$fh>; s/<\/head>/join("", @ga)/e' `find . -name "*.html"`
  • integrate RSS/Atom feed
  • Social Media buttons on Video Page
  • ACT Presentation/Author links on Video page

Level Two

  • Write documentation for rules and guidelines concerning:
    • uploading videos
    • claiming a presentation
    • adding links and html
    • linking to the site/using material from the site

- Some of the docs are now done, see PresentingPerl-Docs

  • Adding links to downloadable AVI files of the talks, in a decent resolution/format
    • Obtain/upload .avi files for each talk (to the usual place)
    • Update the importer to copy these files into the directory structure next to the .flv files
    • Update the page template to provide a simple link to the .avi file
    • Future improvement: Provide torrents of the files, possibly bundled per conference?
  • Small management interface needs to be started (this will be expanded via roadmap features):
    • Log In and authentication
    • View recent uploaded videos
    • Change the bucket/video name if not appropriate
    • run importer script
  • Integrate the linking system for location of talk on ACT, currently this will be a manual process where each author/conference and video is identified and then an import of the data is used to create automatic links on the correct pages. This will work for existing videos and in the immediate short term. Adding this to the Management interface should be a priority for the roadmap.

Level Three

  • Integrate an automatic Twitter/Facebook (other social media) alert when new changes are made to the site - perhaps linked to the RSS feed

alh's tasks

Stuff I'd like to get done:

  • Admin UI (barebones already in place)
    • Uploading of videos (provide a get url?)
    • Allow rsync then import from rsync dir?
  • Put base filter in to IdiotBox so relative urls auto-relocate from config->{base_url}
  • Makefile.PM? META.YML?
  • Regenerate-cache command for idiotbox.cgi
  • Setup/Install doc
  • Fix bugs in Importer -
    • Sanitize names/slugs at import time for HTML/on-disk
      •  :: in title gets linked improperly, sanitize at import (%3A)
      • / in slug gets folders created improperly/files missing
      • Somehow entries on disk had different spelling / capitalization from entries in the database. Enforce this at import time.
      • Some things got imported as 'unknown' for slug... how? Investigate.
    • Require specific encoding at import time? (.flv/.m4v only supported ones currently) [1]
  • Add logging to importer so bugs can be tracked down easier in the future?

Stuff in the works:

  • Centralize database interaction / object creation code
  • More Admin UI features
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