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This page covers the Project codebase for the Ironman/Ironboy/ projects and sites.

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What is it?

In order to promote the Perl language, and encourage more people within the Perl community to promote the language to the world outside the Perl echo-chamber, Enlightened Perl launched the Iron Man Perl Blogging Challenge.

EPO IronMan announcement and details

Blogs subscribed at will be collected via ATOM or RSS utilising Perlanet. Perlanet::IronMan is then used to de-duplicate and filter the posts which are then stored via IronMan::Schema.

Using IronMan::Schema, posts are displayed using the Catalyst app IronMan::Web.

A more detailed breakdown and diagram can be seen on the architecture page.

How can I get involved and help?

You can take a look at the feature requests page and see if there's anything you fancy tackling, or maybe better clarify an existing requirement and add some new ones.

Grab a copy of the relevant bit (you'll need to look at the architecture page to work that out), check out the code (see the repository layout page so you're looking at the right code) and dig in.

Submit some patches to the IronMan dev team via #epo-ironman on - look for idn or mst to point you in the right direction. This will most likely be a Shadow Paste to someone with a commit bit on the repository.

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