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Items on the Roadmap are intended to work as a features wish list and a location for future development discussions. Please use appropriate headings!


Documentation / Design / Marketing

  • Plan workflow
  • Document
    • intended uses (projected)
    • what we actually build during the day! (actual)
  • Create visual brand / copywriting for Oyster
  • Gabor's suggestion: Cloud Conference London

Client side tools

  • Standard build
  • Management tool based on Dist::Zilla
    • plugins to
      • project creation helper
      • gather requirements (list of modules used)
      • package, commit to git etc.
      • initiate deployment
  • (via fade) interactively prompt and auto-populate defaults


  • Git version control
  • Server side deploy script
    • possibly invoked by git push action?
    • pull down tag from Git
    • do DBIC schema deployment
    • do arbitrary upgrade tasks
    • install modules (when we allow module installation)

Cloud server

  • Create Oyster image based on Amazon EC2 Debian Image
    • perl 5.12
    • web-server (lighty?)
    • Task::Kensho
    • DBIC / Pg / SQLite
    • KiokuDB
  • EC2 target. Shadowcat kindly providing! yay!
  • Eucalyptus?
  • other targets (Rackspace - Marco Fontani)

Management Platform

  • Signup to system (Catalyst/Dancer ?)
  • Upload/generate SSH keys
  • Provision git etc. server (or delegate to github)
  • Provision Oyster machine instance

Advanced server management

  • e.g. beyond "standard build + git tag"
    • persistant CPAN directory (local::lib / PAR ?)
    • persistant file stored data
    • database server (SQLite / Pg)

Testing / Infrastructure

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