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The tasks on this page are divided by immediacy with level one tasks being the most important. Please feel free to add to/edit the position if you are a developer to the project. For all further information contact osfameron on, twitter, or (at); or alternatively mdk or idn on

See [Oyster-Roadmap] for more ideas!

Level One

The main focus will be to create a simple client, which can initiate a web project, and deploy it to an Oyster server.

  • Oyster command-line based on Dist::Zilla
    • Project creation helper
    • Checkin to git
    • Release and initiate deployment
  • Server image
    • (possibly Cloud)
    • accepts deployment request
    • sets itself up, upgrades, runs the application
  • Documentation / marketing / design
  • Testing

Level Two

  • git
    • hooks to make commit start deploy
    • provision github
    • setup gitolite server?
  • start on management panels

Level Three

  • Persistent data
    • database server (SQLite/Pg)
    • KiokuDB / File system
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